Magazine covers for both versions of A Profound Waste of Time
Issue No.1 + Shipping
Special Edition + Shipping

A Profound Waste of Time is a new independent magazine aiming to celebrate gaming as an art form and emerging culture. Each issue will play host to a rich variety of voices from inside and outside the industry, interwoven with stunning imagery from leading illustrators and artists. Editorially discerning and beautifully designed, the magazine will serve to celebrate and elevate gaming culture and discussion.

Following our hugely successful Kickstarter campaign in December 2016, we can now offer pre-orders of the magazine in both its standard and special edition.

The special edition is of limited quantity and features a glow in the dark special edition cover, along with a pack of digital wallpapers and the option to have your name included in the magazine as a patron.

Animation of glow in the dark special edition of magazine

Twitter: @APWOTmag