Issue 2
Standard Edition


Issue 2 standard edition cover.

Issue 2
Special Rainbow Edition


Issue 2 special edition cover with UV glowing artwork. Issue 2 special edition cover.

Our second issue is a gorgeous, nearly 200 page tribute to the art of making videogames. Featuring renowned figures from in and oustide the games industry, and incredible artwork ranging from illustration to sculpture, APWOT 2 pushes the boundary of what a gaming magazine can be.

Following our successful Kickstarter campaign we can now offer orders of the second issue of the magazine.

The special edition is of limited quantity and features a rainbow edition of our panoramic cover, illustrated by Doug John Miller.

magazine spread: illustration of a grey, rocky valley.

Estimated Specs

  • 210 x 270 mm
  • Perfect bound
  • Litho print
  • Printed on 150 gsm Munken Lynx
  • 184 pages (and a 16 page journal)

In this issue

  • Laura E Hall meets with Katamari, Wattam and Noby Noby Boy creator Keita Takahashi
  • An interview with Team Cherry, creators of beloved indie metroidvania Hollow Knight
  • Simon Parkin sits down with the designer of Rez and Tetris Effect, Tetsuya Mizuguchi
  • A photo essay on parts of Tokyo city that inspired numerous game locations by Liam Wong
  • Panoramic cover art by Doug John Miller
magazine spread: dog sleeping on straw with eggs.
magazine spread: colourful illustration of animals cresting a hill.
magazine spread: colourful fast food flying through the air.
magazine spread: geometric hands reaching towards one another.
magazine spread: nighttime around a campire with Tetris in the sky.
magazine spread: robot with sphere on shoulders, child with magnifying glass.
magazine spread: grey path through grass leading to a cliff with vertical opening.
magazine spread: purple arm reaching through golden triangle.
magazine spread: smiling blue cartoon face.
magazine spread: park or fairground with characters and colourful tubes.