Issue One
Standard Edition


Magazine cover for standard version of A Profound Waste of Time gaming magazine

Issue One
Special Glow in the Dark Edition


Magazine cover for special edition version of A Profound Waste of Time gaming magazine

A Profound Waste of Time is a new independent magazine that celebrates games as an art form. Each issue plays host to a rich variety of voices from inside and outside the videogame industry, interwoven with stunning imagery from leading illustrators and artists. Editorially discerning and beautifully designed, the magazine serves to celebrate gaming culture and discussion.

Following our successful Kickstarter campaign we can now offer orders of the magazine.

The special edition is of limited quantity and features a special glow in the dark cover, along with a pack of digital wallpapers.

Magazine spread of article on licensing in video games
Magazine spread of Shovel Knight section with smaller page dimensions


  • 210 x 270 mm
  • Perfect bound
  • Litho print
  • Printed on 150 gsm Munken Lynx
  • Over 180 pages
  • 24 page cut down section
  • BIT.TRIP Risograph 198 x 250 mm
  • Over 30 writers and illustrators

In this issue

  • An in depth interview with Yacht Club Games
  • Undertale creator Toby Fox in conversation with composer Jake Kaufman, illustrated by artist and animator Temmie Chang
  • Writer and actor Ashly Burch reflects on her perfomance as Chloe in Life Is Strange
  • A four-page fold-out Downwell diagram annotated by the game’s creator Ojiro Fumoto
  • After watching his mother play her first videogame, Vlambeer co-founder Rami Ismail explores the idea of games as a language.
  • Cover art by renowned illustrator Dan Mumford
Magazine spread of article on comparing game development to building a model spaceship
Magazine spread of article on the history of the Sega Technical Institute
Magazine spread of article exploring the concept of games as a language and culture
Magazine spread of article on the Yoshi series with still life photography
Magazine spread of an illustrated map of the world of Owlboy
Magazine spread of an illustrated Specter of Torment Scene by Dan Mumford
Magazine spread opening of an article on the voice acting behind the character of Chloe in Life is Strange
An image showcasing the 6 colour risograph tip-in that comes with each issue of the magazine